Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration Whiskey

jeffersonchefsstoryWe have an extremely rare Jefferson Whiskey in stock and it is a show stopper.  Our allocation was only 6 bottles, so this item will go quick and then be completely unavailable.  Here are the details:

Jefferson’s Chef Collaboration
The latest release from the small whiskey blending company (Jefferson’s exclusively buys and blends whiskeys from other distillers) began as a conversation over food between friends Trey Zoeller of Jefferson’s and Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia and Milkwood restaurants in Louisville, KY. “We started to think about what foods would pair well with bourbon,” says Zoeller. “When we started to think about pairing whiskey with some dishes from [Chef Lee’s] cookbook-pork dishes, spicier dishes, and his fried chicken particularly-it really came together.” The best option? A bourbon they designed themselves.


The result is lovely, softer than most other rye/bourbon mashups. Bottled at 92 proof, it starts with cherry and oak aromas and just a hint of those rye spices in the background. The whiskey is soft and smooth, fruity with peaches and buttery oaky notes, and as the flavors deepen the rye starts to assert itself. But the rye’s in more of a supporting role than a one-upmanship that you can see in other blends, just adding an extra dimension of spice and wonderful backbone to the bourbon’s profile. It finishes spicy and warm, if a bit quickly, with the rye dominating the lingering aftertaste.

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