Three New Whiskeys In Stock!

We are constantly on the look out for limited release whiskeys and we have been lucky enough to add two more to our ever-expanding whiskey section and one restock of a special very small batch bourbon.  Here are the newest items we have in stock.

Whistle Pig
Old World
12 Year
Straight Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig’s Old World Series is a luxurious new expression born of barrel maturation science and the innovative spirit of WhistlePig. Follow along on our blog and social media for a deeper look at the character of the Old World Series.

The heart of the Old World Series is rooted in some of the finest spirits of Europe. The expressions in the Old World Series involve bold rye whiskey aged in Sauternes and/or Madeira casks..

“What exactly are these fine libations?” you ask?

Sauternes is a sweet dessert wine from the Sauternais region of France, in Bordeaux. Wine from Sauternes is renowned for two things: first, for being quite luxurious due to the high cost and precise craftsmanship of its production. Secondly, Sauternes – especially the fabled Château d’Yquem – is often known as the “sunshine of wine” for its pale honeysuckle color and delicate golden taste. Flavor notes of apricot, honey, peaches, and light nuttiness are characteristic of this fine wine.

Madeira is a fortified wine made in the Madeira Islands of Portugal. Styles range from dry aperitif wines to sweet dessert wines. A robust wine, Madeira expresses a diverse spectrum of flavor, ranging from almond and smoke to raisin, coffee, and caramel.

The price may be a bit hefty, but this is simply one of the most rare and one of the best Rye Whiskeys on the market, hands down.

Maker’s Mark
Cask Strength
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
113 Proof

“So, what is cask strength and what makes it special? Bourbon is distilled at a much higher proof (alcohol level) than it is sold at. It has water added to it when it goes into the barrel to be aged and then has water added again when it is bottled. The alcohol level is not just about the buzz — it affects the flavors, nose and balance of the spirit. The final product is always a juggling act of quality and economics — producers want to find the right taste, but the amount of water they add also determines how much of it they have to sell.

The elephant in the distillery, of course, is that last year Maker’s was heading in the opposite direction, announcing they were lowering the proof of the signature Maker’s from 90 to 84 to help meet demand. The overwhelmingly negative response from fans and press quickly reversed that decision. The subject is handled humorously by Bill Samuels, Jr. and Greg Davis, who both quickly adopt a “wasn’t my idea” demeanor to questions on that matter. The one silver lining of the experience, as Bill sees it, is “at least now people take us seriously when we say we’re short on product.” – Forbes Magazine

Very Small Batch
Ocean Aged At Sea
Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Jefferson’s released their first (very small) batch of ocean-aged bourbon in August 2012 with only 300 bottles for sale. This third batch has slightly more bottles to sell (about 300 barrels, rather than bottles) and was released in October 2014. Each batch has varied in time in barrel and time at sea along with the proof. The sourced bourbon is initially aged on land for six years before spending a further 6 months at sea. It traveled to five continents and crossed the equator 4 times before bottling.

The aroma is fairly intense with vanilla and barrel spices, but fruity aromas of cherries and apples were discovered as well. The body is full with more of the same qualities as the aroma. There’s a peanut-y quality on the finish along with a fair dose of char smoke.

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