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Playtime Red Blend – $11.99playtime

Check out this red blend from Lake County in California! With 60% Zinfandel, 23% Syrah, 9% Petite Verdot, and 8% Viognier, this blend exhibits a wide range of juicy black cherries, plums, and blackberries. A touch of oak brings a smoothness and an essence of vanilla and cinnamon, rounding out the finish. And if nothing else, the label is bound to spark conversation! Designed as an homage to the pinup girls from the 1940’s that gave our soldiers the fire needed to return home safely after World War II, the label is a little flight of fancy back in time!

20170317_184454Stave and Steel Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet – $14.99

Can’t find the Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet? Try Stave and Steel! Cabernet sourced from Paso Robles is vilified and then aged in used bourbon barrels for four months. With flavors of bold black cherry, blackberry, and cassis, the wine melds with the caramel, vanilla, and spices imparted by the bourbon barrels with style and grace. The bourbon barrels are also heavily charred, resulting in an herbal and smoky flavor, giving a wealth of character to this wine.

Flying Solo Grenache Blanc and Viognier Blend – $10.99C8_wen-XcAEhF-s

A blend of 85% Grenache Blanc and 15% Viognier gives this wine a full body and a fruit driven flavor. Though not so fruity to make it overwhelming, this wine is a good alternative to those tired of the oaky buttery California Chardonnays. The Viognier in the blend brings just enough spice to add some dimension to the wine. Though no oak is used to age the wine, but the full bodied nature of it might fool you into thinking so!

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