New Rosé Wine!

PINOT_PROJECT_Rose_2015_750ml_BTLPinot Grigio… Rosé?shutterstock_86213233Pinot-Gris

The new thing this year is an influx of Rosé wines made from Pinot Grigio. The first thing people say when encountering this new version of Rosé for the first time is generally “What?”. The truth is that, even though Pinot Grigio is generally made into a white wine, the grapes themselves are not actually white grapes. There are two ways of making rosé wines, one being mixing red and white wines. The other, more prevalent (and better) way is to leave the juice on the skins for a time to allow some of the tannins and flavor compounds to extract from the skins. Pinot Grigio has redish skins which carry tannins, heart healthy compounds, and extra flavors not seen in the white Pinot Grigio wines.

So come on in and check out The Pinot Project Rosé ($11.99)! Made from Pinot Grigio, this rosé shows notes of raspberry and rose petals with nice crisp acidity and supple tannins. Chill it down and sip out on the porch on a hot day!

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