Pappy Lottery 2018

Join Us

Tuesday, November 27th at 7pm

for Georgetown’s Bourbon Extravaganza!

We will be raffling off the right to purchase 

Over 50 BOTTLES!

Pappy 10yr – 4 Bottles  – $89.99/BTL 
Pappy 12yr – 4 Bottles – $119.99/BTL
Pappy 15yr 4 Bottles  – $149.99/BTL
Pappy 20yr1 Bottle$299.99/BTL 
Weller 12yr10 Bottle – $79.99/BTL
Weller William Laurie3 Bottles – $124.99/BTL
Thomas H. Handy Rye – 3 Bottles – $124.99/BTL 
George T Stagg 15yr – 6 Bottles$124.99/BTL 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof – 1 Bottle  – $69.99/BTL
High West Midwinters Night Dram – 4 Bottles  – $109.99/BTL
Mitchers 10yr – 1 Bottle – $124.99/BTL
Parkers Heritage Barrel Finish – 1 Bottle – $129.99/BTL
Old Fitzgerald 9yr – 1 Bottle – $199.99/BTL
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 24yr – 1 Bottle – $129.99/BTL
Kentucky Owl 8yr – 1 Bottle – $399.99/BTL
E.H. Taylor 4 Grain – 2 Bottles – $199.99/BTL
Elmer T Lee Single Barrel – 6 Bottles – $89.99/BTL
Weller CYPB – 2 Bottles – $199.99/BTL

Bottles are sold at FAIR Market Value. 

*Raffle starts at 7pm.  Winner
MUST MUST MUST be present at the time of raffle* 
You can make your purchases at ANYTIME on Tuesday November 27th (Make sure to mention you are buying for Bourbon Raffle).  Come early make your buys and get your tickets for the event.
Here’s How it Works:
Everyone gets 1 ticket for coming to the event.

Every $10 you spend on Tuesday November 27th gets you 1 more ticket.  No Limit on how many tickets you can get.
If your ticket is drawn, you get the right to purchase that bottle at fair market value.

We will also be sampling some Awesome Bourbons, Wines and other Spirits during the raffle!  

So, Stop By Our Bourbon Event for the chance to win the right to purchase one of 50+ rare and well-sought after bottles of Bourbon.

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