Spotlight on Provence Rosé

Provence Rosés!


The region of Provence in Southern France is one of lavender, sunshine, and delicious rosés! Characterized by a mouth watering acidity, these rosés are bone dry with aromas of fresh fruit and limestone minerality, these wines pair fantastically with regional Mediterranean dishes. Marseilles, the capital of Provence, was arguably where the first grapevines arrived in France from the Roman Empire, starting the phenomenon of winemaking in France. Though not one of the well known areas of French winemaking, the wines of Provence have a long history. Made from a blend of at least two wines made from Grenache, Syrah, Cisault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Tibouran, and Mouvedre, these wines form the intersection of dry red wines and crisp white wines. The albeit small amount of tannin in these rosés allow for pairing with light meat dishes, or a light white fish, and the flavor profile allows for a magical pairing with garlic and olive oil so common in that area of the world. So, whether gathering wine for dinner or for sipping on the back porch, don’t pass up the Provençal Rosés!


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