Spotlight on Sancerre!

Spotlight on Sancerre!


F1255Unbelievably crisp and refreshing, the wines of Sancerre offer an elegance and finesse not found anywhere else. Located in the north west region of France, the Loire valley in characterized by a cool climate relative to some of the French winemaking areas. Sancerre is located at the very end of the Loire river making the climate perfect for the growing of not only Sauvignon Blanc but also Pinot Noir. Most famous for their Sauvignon Blancs, the Sancerre whites have a piercing minerality and crisp citrus fruit that makes your mouth water. For the beginning of summer, nothing is better for a cool sip on the porch or with light fish and shellfish. And because the Loire is not one of the big names of France, a bottle can be picked up for under $20 that tastes remarkably like a $40 or $60 bottle of wine! So check out some of Georgetown’s Sancerre selectionAUGUSTE-BONHOMME-LA-FORCINE-SANCERRE-2015-750ML next time you’re in!

Foucher-Lebrun-Sancerre-Le-MontMathieu Crochet Sancerre, 2016 – $18.77

Foucher Lebrun “Le Mont” Sancerre, 2015 – $19.99

La Forcine Sancerre, 2015 – $18.77

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