The Affordable Alternative to Champagne

Meet Cava!

Freixenet-CordonNegro-BrutOn a hot muggy summer night, nothing beats a crisp refreshing glass of sparkling wine. Champagne, unfortunately, is out of the “everyday” budget category for most of us, but there are other sparkling wines that are just as bright and bubbly! With that in mind, why not try a bottle of Cava? From the North Eastern regions of Spain, this sparkling wine is made in the same manner as Champagne but with locally indigenous grape varieties. With most Cavas being comprised of only white grapes, these sparkling wines are crisp, bright, and mouthwatering. Paired with shellfish or on its own, Cava is the underrated hero of the sparkling wine world. t6477631c9_1

Segura Viudas, Brut Cava, Spain – $9.77

raventos-i-blanc-conca-del-riu-anoia-lhereu-brut-2013-300px-300pxFreixenet Cordon Negro, Brut Cava, Spain – $11.77

Bohigas Reserva, Brut Cava, Spain – $13.99

Raventos i Blanc “L’hereu” Blanc de Blanc, Cava, Spain, 2014 – $17.99


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