The Best Friend Smokey Grilled Food Ever Had!

Predator Zinfandel!Predator_Zinfandel_2014_1000x

It’s time again for those grills to come out of hibernation! And nothing goes quite as good with grilling than a full bodied, juicy Zinfandel. And a little spice and smoke doesn’t hurt anybody (in the wine, that is!). Coming out of Lodi, California, the Predator Zinfandel exhibits all the characteristics we love about Zinfandels. Juicy and rich, with an undertone of spice and a smokiness that jumps out of the glass at you, Predator is the perfect addition to any grilling session. Powerful enough for barbecue short ribs or a juicy strip steak, but with medium to low tannin structure that won’t overpower chicken, this Zinfandel is the swiss army knife of the wine world. So come on down and pick one up for the perfect addition to any summer get together!

Predator Zinfandel, Lodi, California, 2015 – $13.99

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