Three Chord Private Barrel & Prosurix


Georgetown Square Wine and Liquor exclusive:

 Three Chords Single Barrel $39.99 & Save $5.00 via the Prosurix App

Three Chord Blended Bourbon is a blend of up to 12-year-old barreled bourbon, selected from the three premier bourbon producing regions in the country; Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Just as in music, the Three Chord Progression; I, IV, V blend together, in harmony to make a great song, each bourbon contributes a different characteristic to the final product. We blend them using our proprietary filtration and secondary wood charring process to create a balanced bourbon, greater than the sum of its parts! Blended to a “Perfectly Tuned Taste”!

Download the Prosurix App to redeem a $5 rebate (one rebate per customer)

To Download the Prosurix App:

  1. Go to App/Play Store and search for Prosurix

  2. Download the Prosurix App

  3. Create an account

  4. Scan Three Chord NFC tag

  5. Redeem Rebate after purchase

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